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Football is only weeks away and it's time to decide where you're going to get your plays this year. Last year we celebrated the fact that we had 31 customers who had been with us for 20 or more consecutive seasons! It just doesn't get any better than that. You don't have that kind of customer loyalty unless you do three things- win and treat your customers fairly and honestly! 

Check back over the weekend as we should have The Rainman's 2014/15 College Football Preview ready to download (absolutely free, as always) by Sunday. Please click on "Compline Update" and get all the information on two great Pre-Season Specials for Season Service in Football that will include Season Service in Basketball. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check out the MRI (click here) and find out why the Mills/Rainey Index is the most exciting handicapping tool to come along in decades!

If you're tired of losing on your own- or you're tired of other services working overtime to come up with new lies and scams, it's time to call The Rainman! We don't win every day- we don't win every week- but over the course of the season, NOBODY handicaps the games better than we do!!!

Give me a call in the office at 800-933-5308 or on my cell at 901- 461-4600
and find out what itís like to deal with an honest handicapping service. Believe me, itís a lot more enjoyable and it's a lot more fun when
you're winning!

Popular Scams

Education is an expensive thing. I don't know who came up with that one, but he was
right on the money. Learning about sports handicapping can really be expensive! You lose money that you sent to the service and you lose...
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Monthly Services
When you get tired of all the idiots on TV, the radio ads promising impossible win rates, the schedule books with ten "Game of the Year" offers, check out the information here on the site about the Rainman & All-Star Sports...  View Entire Article

Gambling Terms & Definitions

I used to love the signs
on the games at the Fair. "If you don't understand the game, ask the operator. If you still don't understand the game, don't play." You have to understand the terms to speak the language of...
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Rainman's Rules
Like everything else in
 life, you'll find there's more to sports wagering than meets the eye and there is a right way and a wrong way
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We live in a high-tech
world and you might as
well take advantage of
it! Sign up to follow me on Twitter-
it's a easy to do, just set up to follow RainmanMemphis and during the
season, I'll release late information
plays ten to fifteen minutes before      kickoff- and...View Entire Article

Cooking With The Rainman!

I can hear the snickers now. That's because you haven't tried any of my Deep Fried Turkey, or my Baked Apples, or a real  Southern delicacy like Shrimp and Grits-Rainman style! From time to time, I'll share my recipes with you
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