It's Sunday, February 4th, Iím your host, John Rainey, The Rainman and thanks for visiting our site.

Well, it's Super Bowl weekend and that pretty much brings football to a close. I don't think I'll have much trouble convincing any of you that it has been one of the craziest seasons we've ever seen- and our fourth losing season in 39 years. If you stop and think about it, four losing seasons in 39 years is pretty damn spectacular- but it's a lot like the million to one chance you take when we're talking about getting hit by lightning. The million doesn't mean a damn thing if you are the one.

The season started off like a horror movie. Nothing made any sense and we were losing games in every way you could imagine. Going into the week of Thanksgiving, we were down a staggering 143 units. No one knows- or cares- how hard we were trying to figure out what the hell was wrong. I've been doing this far too long to be watching games that were being played in a way that did not come close to what I had predicted. But just before Thanksgiving, we finally found a solid reason for the majority of the losses and the season turned. From Thanksgiving to New Years we were as spectacularly good as we have been spectacularly bad! We came close to getting everyone bad to even for the season, only to see one really bad day where we lost every play, including three Ten Star Plays, knock out any chance we had of salvaging a winning year. Here are the results of the season. I realize that we will differ on a few games here and there- lines won't be the same or maybe there was an update that some players didn't get- everything should be reasonably close. I have three customers- one on the East Coast, one in Oklahoma City and one on the West Coast- who keep up with our plays from start to finish. We've compared notes, made adjustments where we could see what caused the difference and here are the final numbers for the 2017/18 College & Pro Football Season:

Regular Plays:                                          121          83
Triple Plays:                46 - 49                  138        147
Five Star Plays:            20 - 28                  100        140
Ten Star Plays:              8 - 11                    80        110
Totals Plays:                                               8           13

Total Units:                                              447        493        47.5%

Every year around the Super Bowl, we run a Yearly Special that allows me to purchase equipment to replace or update existing equipment we use for our Saturday morning handicapping show. I've always taken the first fifteen customers and given them the next season's football, college and pro and college and pro basketball for $1250.00 for Regular Service and $1750 for Premier Service. This year we're changing a couple of things: first, I'm eliminating the two different levels of service and we will only have Premier Service starting immediately, and I'm lowering the price on the First Fifteen Special to $1000- primarily to acknowledge the bad season we just completed. Unfortunately, losing is part of this business. I don't like it any more than you do, but it happens and it will continue to happen. If I can keep the losing seasons to 10% or less, I've done a spectacular job- and that's about where we are: 4 losing football seasons out of 39.

At any rate, there is the First Fifteen Special: 2018 / 19 College and Pro Football and Basketball, Premier Service, for $1000- and I'll include the rest of this year's basketball at no charge. 901-461-4600 or the office at 800-933-5308.

One Triple Play, One Regular Play and Ten Prop Bets for Today's Super Bowl Plus One Triple Play and Two Regular Plays in Basketball are loaded and ready to go for Sunday on the $100 Big Play Line. One Triple Play and One Regular Play for the Super Bowl are loaded on the $50 Premier Line.

You can order all of our plays right here on the website using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or PayPal. Just click on "Order Today's Plays" on the home page, scroll down the page and select the play line you want to order and get the winners right here on the site. You can also call the office at 800-933-5308 or 901-683-1500 or my cell at 901-461-4600 and we'll be glad to work with you in person.

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