It's Sunday, December 24th, Iím your host, John Rainey, The Rainman and thanks for visiting our site.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Another very nice day Saturday which included our sixth straight Ten Star Win! It is a much better Christmas for all of us than it looked like it might be somewhere back around the week before Thanksgiving! Depending on each player's exact lines and missing a game here and there, we were down between 130 and 140 units. It was by far the worst start I've ever had- maybe the worst I've ever seen! I worked more hours than you will ever know- talked to more people than you will ever believe- went back and handicapped every game we had played multiple times and in multiple ways. And I found where I need to make some adjustments in the way I was grading the matchups! We're up well over 100 units since then, including an 31-9 start in the Bowl Games- and if I can keep this going- and it doesn't have to be at the blistering pace we've set for the last 4 to 5 weeks- we can end this season in the black. It won't be by a whole lot, but believe me, a break-even record would please a whole lot of people- including me! 

Along with the great comeback in football, College and Pro basketball is off to a very, very nice start. Going into today, we are up 43 units in basketball! So, how bout a little Christmas Special- I've had a Basketball Special running where $750 gets College and Pro, thru the NBA Finals, NCAA Tournament included and the rest of football was included at no additional charge. That's at least a $350 value since that is the cost of the College Bowl Package. It's the equivalent of getting Season Basketball for $400! Three Day Christmas Special- Drop that to $500.

A great new feature- and convenience- for all of our Season Customers is that we will are texting the plays to you. We've spent a considerable amount of time and money setting it up so that when I load the plays on our website, the system automatically sends the plays by text message to our Season Customers. That includes any updates that we have during the day. You don't have to stop and check in- your phone will let you know when the plays are ready! Check out our Five Year Record in football, it's on the Home Page just below the Players Area on the right side. You'll see why we say, "Nobody does this better than the Rainman and All-Star Sports!"

Take advantage of 39 years of handicapping experience and expertise. Join us for the season and find out what it's like to deal with an honest sports service. We do what you don't have the time or the resources to do- we look at everything that can impact the outcome of the games- and a look at our numbers tells you why we're among the best in the country at what we do. Call me on my cell at 901-461-4600 or toll free in the office at 800-933-5308 or locally in the office at 901-683-1500.  

Follow me on Twitter @ rainmanmemphis and I will Tweet some great plays this year shortly before kickoff and they'll be absolutely free. One of those plays will be another Ten Star Play- FREE!!!

You can easily keep up with what we're doing on a daily basis by clicking on "Order Today's Plays" on the home page. You'll see what we have on the play lines each day.

Today in College and Pro Football, One Ten Star Play, One Five Star Play and Three Regular Plays are loaded on the $100 Big Play Line. The code on today's Big Play Line will be good thru Monday, December 25th. The same plays are on the $50  Premier Line, but the Premier Line is for Sunday only. The Ten Star is included on the Premier Line, but it is not identified as a Ten Star Play.

You can order all of our plays right here on the website using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or PayPal. Just click on "Order Today's Plays" on the home page, scroll down the page and select the play line you want to order and get the winners right here on the site. You can also call the office at 800-933-5308 or 901-683-1500 or my cell at 901-461-4600 and we'll be glad to work with you in person.

Spend a little time on our website. Read the "Rainman's Rules For Successful Sports Wagering", check out the page for Season Service, read about our daily Play Lines- they are the best in the business and guaranteed each day not to produce a losing record or you get the next day free, and you'll see why we have customers from all 50 States and 6 Foreign Countries. Everything you need to know about The Rainman and All-Star Sports is right here on the website. 

Your Comp Pick for today- let's go with Cleveland +6 over Chicago. Good luck today and thanks for visiting our site.