It's Sunday, February 7th, Iím your host, John Rainey, The Rainman and thanks for visiting our site.

Well, the end of a crazy football season is very close. It's been a crazy, but very successful one! We will have a complete season report posted immediately after the Super Bowl.

Last year at the Super Bowl, we offered a little wager for everyone on Season Service for this season. It was pretty simple: Sign up for Season Service, College & Pro, Football and Basketball for $1000, pay $500 when you signed up and then if we won the play on the Super Bowl you paid the other $500 and if we lost the play you didn't owe the second payment and you got this season for the $500 you had already paid. From a numbers standpoint, you had a 50/50 shot at getting season for $500 and the logic was that the $500 you saved would cover the bets you made on the game. Everybody remembers that not only did we win the game, we absolutely killed the prop bets and had a great day.

This year, we'll do the same thing today

1. We'll give you the same option as last year. Sign up for the 21/22 Season, College and Pro, Football and Basketball for $1000. Pay $500 when you sign up and if we lose the play on the Super Bowl, you will owe nothing more. If we win the play on the game, you agree to pay the 2nd $500 payment immediately for a total of $1000.

If you have any questions, please call me at 800-933-5308 or my cell at 901-461-4600. Good luck this season.