It's Saturday, November 24th, Iím your host, John Rainey, The Rainman and thanks for visiting our site.

I promised a complete update on our season record today, so here it is. I believe our last update was on Sunday, October 28 and we were 168-159 for the Season. Thanks to a some fantastic college football Saturdays (19-0 and 20-2 and this week's 22-15) we go into today's NFL action sitting at 251-211. Nothing to brag and crow about, but when you consider that Vegas is having the best year they've had in 20 years and they just came off the biggest October in sports betting history, being ahead of the game feels a little better than the numbers indicate.

What a difference a year makes! Last year at Thanksgiving we were in the midst of one of the worst seasons I'd ever had. We were a totally inexplicable 144 units down for the season. From Thanksgiving thru January 1st, we came back all the way to even with an incredible run and it looked like we were going to pull off one of the greatest comebacks in handicapping history.... until I decided- on the biggest day of the Bowl Season- to have multiple Ten Star Plays- and we lost them all! I had great reasons for each one of the games. Solid reasons. One injury to a key player in one game, two ridiculously terrible calls in another, a couple of fantastic plays by the wrong team in one game and a poor pick on a team that did not want to be in the game they were in and it was the proverbial "worst day of my life".

Not happening this year. In fact, not happening in any year. Ever! If I come back as a handicapper on another planet, it won't happen there either.

Turkey Shoot Special is over but how 'bout starting the Bowl Package a little early. It's $350, just like its been for several years, but if you start now, you'll get every play we make in football and basketball thru the Super Bowl. You do the math. If you want to go thru the NCAA Basketball Tournament, add $100 and we'll do it all for $450.

You will have to call me at 800-933-5308 or 901-461-4600 to take advantage of the Bowl Package Special. Can't sign up for it on the website.

Basketball is underway and if you're signed up for basketball, please send an email to me requesting your code number and I can hit "reply", know I've got the right email address and keep up with the codes I've sent.

Today in The NFL, Two Premier Plays and Two Regular Plays in Football plus Two Regular Plays in hoops are loaded and ready to go on the $50 Premier Line.  The code on today's Premier Line will be good for Monday Night Football.

You can order all of our plays right here on the website using Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or PayPal. Just click on "Order Today's Plays" on the home page, scroll down the page and select the play line you want to order and get the winners right here on the site. You can also call the office at 800-933-5308 or 901-683-1500 or my cell at 901-461-4600 and we'll be glad to work with you in person.

Your Comp Pick for today- let's go with Cleveland +1 over Cincinnati. Good luck today and thanks for visiting our site.