Here's What Real Customers Are Saying About All-Star Sports & The Rainman


Two partners and I pool our money and play $500 per unit on your football games. This past season almost put us all on medication! After an incredible start we were up a little over $35K going into the Thanksgiving weekend. The next 3 1/2 weeks were the worst weeks of my life! We gave back all of the $35K (and a little more) and to be honest, my partners were ready to quit and go on a campaign to tell everybody how bad you were. I called you and was amazed that you took my call and spent almost 30 minutes on the phone with me. It was the reassurance that I needed. I talked my guys into staying in the game and then enjoyed one of the greatest comebacks in handicapping history. From Christmas thru the Super Bowl, we made all of our $35K back and finished the season up almost $40,000! Can you even imagine what the year would have been like if that bad run hadn't happened? Your honesty, hard work and personal availability to your customers is appreciated.
James N., New York

You're a meat and potatoes handicapper when you have a lot of games to choose from and only pick sides on a few of them. You are wearing the bookies out. I'm way ahead by putting more emphasis on on games when I know you can pick and choose from a larger card. You're doing a great job- thanks so much!
Mike, Eastern Arkansas

Your baseball has always been solid- I know because I've been with you for almost 10 years now- but the start to this season has been nothing short of unbelievable! I'm one of your "$100 Players" and we're not quite to the end of the first quarter of the season and I'm up over $3000. My buddies think I'm lying- or bragging- because they say they've never had much success playing baseball. I think maybe they've never had much success picking out a handicapper! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
Robert M., Atlanta, GA

I'm sure you get all kinds of emails. I just wanted to simply say Thank You. I have been meaning to write this for awhile but with kids, school, and coaching duties I have just now had the chance. I want to admit I was surprised that you stepped up to the plate. It is not because I doubted you but rather I doubted the industry. I have heard you talk about the scamdicappers every Saturday on your radio show and I was skeptical. You proved me wrong. You did everything you said you were going to do. I will remain a loyal listener and subscriber to your service. I have had several others call me on the phone giving me free picks and wanting my business. I have told all of them that I will only deal with one service and that is the Rainman. They said he could not delivery the results that they could and I told them that he delivers more than the results. He delivers the truth and stands up when he makes a mistake. I ask them to put their service on the line against their picks. If they did not deliver the winners as promised then give your service away for free. Of course they did not want any part of that deal so I simply said, "That is why you are not the Rainman and you do not have my business."  Keep up the good work and I look forward to football season. 
Chris, Greensboro NC

I don't know if you keep track of the million shows you do, but you hit all 6 games on our show last week. You can bet I've given it more than just a token mention. Plus I had Ohio State and the Giants strong to make for a very nice weekend.
Steve, Radio Talk Show Host, Eugene OR

Love the Saturday morning show. Best show anywhere hands down! Love when you guys rant on the scamdicappers. How about Brandon Lang? Since football season started he's down over 600 dimes. He's making Greg Roberts look like he works for NASA. He's lost another 11 of 13 this week. 
Kevin R


I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for posting your recipe.  As luck would have it I was in western Louisiana earlier this week and went to Tony Cashere’s factory store in Opelousis , La. where I was able to pick up most of the ingredients on the list.  However the rest I picked up at Kroger.  Additionally I used Peanut oil, as this is my preference.

The result was the best Turkey I have ever made.  I have enclosed some pictures for your reference.  This is not my first year frying a turkey.  In fact it is my 6th, but this was by far the best I’ve ever made.  I used a 22 lb Tom with the rub, seasoned salt, and pepper.  The only difference between your recipe and what I did was using Tony’s injectible creole butter marinade.  I did this at the same time I rubbed the bird down, and let it sit for over 12 hours wrapped in plastic wrapping.

I cooked it exactly like you prescribed, and when I pulled it out of the oil the legs where literally falling off the rest of the bird.  My family liked it so much they have asked me to do it again for Christmas.

Again many thanks, it really helped make our thanksgiving.
Larry, Memphis TN


Lol- thanks Big John- u have won me a bunch of money with ur blow out specials on the radio!
Dr. Tom, Jackson MS

I swept my card today...Indy, Atlanta and TN. Awesome weekend John. I'm going to collect on Thursday and pickup the special offer on the rest of the season for 500. We are primed to make some great money for the rest of the season...good job Rainman.
Chris, Nashville TN


Man I have been missin' hearin your picks on SouthernSports Tonight.  When are you going to be on again so I can be sure to tune you in. Thanks for all the help last year, you really turned my season around. Thanks, 
Brian, Denver, CO

Mr. Rainey,

I normally don't send this type email but felt compelled to do so tonight.  I have dealt with several different services in the past and must say you are the most fair service ever.  You have gone far and beyond with the free week because of a bad weekend.  This is by far the most fair and honest thing I have ever seen or heard of a service doing.  I look forward to using your service in  the future and regret it took me this long to find it.  Thanks again for your fairness and honesty.  Phil Ross, Phoenix, AZ

Like most gamblers, I've been taken to the woodshed many times- first by handicappers who lie about everything they do- and then by my bookie after I was stupid enough to think that the service I was with might be different. The one thing that my trusting attitude did accomplish for me is that I kept trying long enough to find you. Hallelujah! You do what you say you will do! And on top of that, thanks to you I just finished the football season way ahead of my man for the first time in years! Thank you for a great season.  
Willliam B., Pittsburgh, PA