The Rainman on the Radio

A little over 15 Years Ago, when I started the All-Star Sports Handicapping Show, I had no idea that it would lead to a national reputation as a professional handicapper, or a national reputation as a sports talk show host, or a position as General Manager/Program Director for a 50,000 watt sports SuperStation here in Memphis, TN… but it did. I had no idea that the All-Star Sports Handicapping show would quickly become one of the most popular shows on Memphis radio… but it did . I had no idea that I would be heard across the U.S. each week by hundreds of thousands of sports fans… but I am. And guess what has brought about that success- Winning!

When you win, people listen. When you have a "feel for the game", people listen. And when you work hard, have great contacts across the country, and can take apart any game on the card, people listen. Each week, people tune in to the Rainman all across the country on sports shows where we handicapp games and give you the winners, against the spread, in football, basketball, and baseball. We want you to listen too, and following is a list of times and stations where the Rainman can be heard.

Southern Sports Report

Monday thru Friday, 1Pm to 3P Central, I host the most popular sports talk show in the Mid-South, Southern Sports Report ,on Sports 56, WHBQ, in Memphis, TN.  During the football season, I devote 2 full hours of each Friday’s show to handicapping. If you can't get to a phone, you can join the show by E-Mail addressed to "". I’ll answer as many E-Mails as possible on the show or you can join the show in person by calling toll-free at 1-877-999-0075.

The All-Star Sports Handicapping Show

Every Saturday Morning, 6am to 8am Central, I host the only live, call-in, syndicated handicapping show in the country. Unlike every other national handicapping show you hear on your local station that is recorded on Wednesday and sent to the stations to play on Friday nights or Saturday mornings, we encourage you to participate in the show. You can call in toll-free at 877-999-0075 and Lee Sterling of Paramount Sports in Miami, FL and I will answer your questions and handicap any game on the card.

The All-Star Sports Handicapping Show is heard on over 95 stations each week across the country and if you want us in your market, call the Program Director at your station, tell him you want to hear the show each week and give him my cell phone number, which is 901-461-4600. The show is delivered by satellite on ABC New York and it's available all over the United States.

Every Thursday and Friday during the football season, you can hear the Rainman on stations all across the country. As we finalize the stations that I will be on over the next couple of weeks, we'll post a complete list of them here on the site.

If you have a Sports Talk Show in your area that you'd like me to join as a guest handicapper, call the station and tell them. Then give me a call or e-mail me at  Or just tell ‘em to call the Rainman at 1-800-933-5308 or 901-461-4600.