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Just a few years ago, there were only three or four Sports Books in the Caribbean, and people were very skeptical about sending money to them- as it initially turned out, for very good reasons. Everyone has heard the horror stories about Off-Shore Books suddenly disappearing, taking everyone's money with them- or you win, and let your winnings build up to a sizable amount, and then have every problem imaginable collecting- you come up with the story, it probably happened. Now, there's a different problem. With over 150 Off-Shore Books to choose from, how do you pick a good one? If you call the office, I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about off-shore books. No doubt there are several Off-Shore books that are reputable and well-run, but there is only one that I can recommend based on personal knowledge. Their information is listed below, and you can count on them to be honest and fair. We've spent over thirty years working hard to develop one of the best reputations in the industry, and you can be sure that we will not tarnish that reputation by dealing with dishonest books.

From news reports you've probably seen recently, several handicappers owned part- or all, of sports books they advertised for. So they make incredible promises they can't keep, get your money on the front end for their plays, lie about their records to attract more customers, and then take your money at their sportsbook when their plays lose! Wouldn't that be like an incredibly bad brain surgeon owning the local funeral home?

I am a sports handicapper, and radio talk show host. I want no part of the other side of this business. On the other hand, if you have no place to play, I have no customers. It's hard enough to win at sports wagering, even when everyone, including the sportsbook, plays by the rules. It's impossible to win when they don't. If I recommend a place to play, it will be because I know they're fair and financially sound. After that, it's my job to do my best to beat the sportsbook's brains out, because I don't work for them- I work for you!

WAGERWEB SPORTS BOOK.   Wagerweb is an  excellent sportsbook. Located in Costa Rica, Wagerweb was formerly known as Casablanca Sports Book. Originally, their website was CBS television took offense to their website name and address and made them change it. Same good people- same fair game- and Wagerweb is a large, well equipped book with knowledgeable people and fair lines. I've been advertising Wagerweb for about seven years, and this year, if you set up an account with Wagerweb and tell them you heard about them from me, you'll get one-half point off the current line on every game (except for games where the line is 3 or 7) you play for the entire season! Of all the books available offshore, Wagerweb is my favorite and the only one I recommend. I have no doubt that there are many reputable off-shore books, but I have limited personal experience with them. I've had several hundred customers playing with Wagerweb over the last 12 years and I've had no complaints from any of my customers about the way Wagerweb has treated them.


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