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        Thank you for accessing information on Football Service for the 2017 College and NFL season. Let’s cut to the chase guys- if you believe in "inside information", "fixed games", "100 Star locks of the decade" and 80% to 90% winners, if you believe that some guy you heard on the radio is going to give you the rest of the season free just because you called, you need to disconnect now and log onto the Disney website because as a sports gambler, you’re already in Never Never Land! THOSE THINGS SIMPLY DO NOT EXIST. Successful sports wagering requires hard work and dedication- not only on my part, but on yours as well. You can’t call at 7:00am on Saturday morning, get your plays, go play golf, and then come home that afternoon and find out how much you’ve won. If that’s what you want to do, just keep your bets to a minimum, we’ll make you a few bucks over the season, and you’ll enjoy yourself. If you want to play seriously- treat this like a business and make some serious money, you’ve come to the right place.

        I know that a lot of people would like to get information about monthly or season service without having to talk to anyone. That’s one of the main reasons we put up the Rainman’s site, but you can count on one thing for sure- when you do call All-Star Sports, you’ll never have to listen to a high pressure salesperson who has no idea what he’s talking about. We treat every caller as a valued customer because that’s exactly what you are. Unless you say you want use it, we’ll never ask for your credit card number, with very rare exception we’ll never ask for your phone number so we can call you back, we don’t sell, give away, or trade our customer information with anyone, much less another sports service because I simply have never understood why any legitimate business would want to give their customer list to a competitor,  we’ll never ask how much you play because it’s none of our business and because we treat everyone the same whether they play $50 a game or $5000 a game, and unlike the vast majority of services out there, I’m always available and glad to talk to you.

         Let’s talk a little bit about yours truly, The Rainman. I’m nationally known as a sports handicapper and writer, and I’m very good at what I do. I am the  host of a syndicated sports talk radio show, which is by far the most popular sports talk show in the Mid-South- Southern Sports Report- 6pm to 7pm each weekday on Sports 56, AM560, right here in Memphis, TN.  Every Thursday and  Friday during the football season I’m on an average of over twenty other shows across the country as a guest handicapper. I’ve had articles published in The Sports Betting Guide, and I wrote the chapter on sports wagering for The Ultimate Guide to Casino Gambling, which was published in September, ’97. I wrote the sports commentary column here in Memphis for The Memphis Business Journal. I've been voted The Best Radio Sports Talk Show Host twice by the readers of the Commercial Appeal, the daily newspaper here in Memphis.  I’ve got great contacts across the country- Coaches, former Coaches, trainers, reporters, play by play and color commentators with numerous radio stations, and of course, other handicappers I have confidence in. Let’s make one thing very clear here- we’re not talking about sources for "inside information", but we are talking about very, very good information from people who are close to the teams involved. They know who’s sick, who’s hurt, who’s in the Coach’s doghouse, who’s coming back from an injury and how they’re doing- and maybe sometimes they have a little information on what the game plan might be. Put that information with all our other sources, throw in a great "feel" for the game and excellent money management, and you’ve got yourself a very successful football season. One more very important thing to know about The Rainman: I would love to see the sports handicapping business cleaned up! Unfortunately, it's an industry that is full of liars, cheats and crooks and surprisingly few actual handicappers. I use my real name, I don't lie about our record, I preach and teach money management, I want you to enjoy working with us- and most important of all, I want you back next year as a customer.

         Now let’s add one more thing that no other sports service in the country can offer- our Late Money Updates. A lot of services put out plays on line moves or late steam, neither of which mean anything. We originated the Late Money Updates in 1994 and no other service in the country has access to the same information we use for our updates. In order to make sense of line moves, you must know why the line moved. Most big line moves on game day are now caused by big players coming in late on a game taking the other side of a play they made earlier in the week trying to "middle" the game. If you have no way of knowing they played the other side last Monday, the move on Saturday or Sunday becomes very misleading. Our Late Money Updates are not based on line moves. In fact, many times we have seen the line move the opposite direction you’d think it should based on the amount played on a game as the major sports books in Vegas take positions on certain games. Late Money Updates are based on the amount of money the "public" is playing on a game. Every sports book in Vegas tracks by computer the amount of money bet by ordinary players compared to the amount of money bet by players they respect. When we find games where the public is betting one side 5,6,7, or more to 1, we take the house’s side and go against the public. I know this may be hard to believe, but our Late Money Updates have won over 67% for EIGHT OF THE LAST TEN YEARS, and we’re looking forward to another incredible season with the Late Money Updates. Every game day, we’ll tell you when to call back for the Late Money Updates. There are usually 3 updates on Saturday and Sunday, and they are loaded 45 minutes before the game goes. More trouble for you? Sure it is- you have to be prepared to take action on three additional sets of information, but it is definitely worth it! Late Money Updates are included with Monthly or Season Service. They are also included on our $50 and $100 Daily Play Lines. (You can click on our Daily Play Lines on the home page for complete information.) If you have questions about our Late Money Updates, give me a call. I'll be glad to explain them to the best of my ability. I'm not sure that I understand exactly why they work so well, but I do know that the public loses and that every Las Vegas sports book goes into every football season expecting to win 72% of the time! We put you on the house's side with the Late Money Updates.

And Finally, a new feature that makes things a lot more convenient for our Season Customers- we text the plays and updates to you on your smartphone! Last January, we spent a lot of time and a fair amount of money on our website and servers, setting things up so that when I load the plays on the website, the next thing that happens is that they are immediately sent by the system to your phone as a text message. It's a great advantage to you- particularly on updates- because since I don't control the exact time I get information from my guys in Vegas, I am sometimes 10-15 minutes late in loading the update. That means that you may have logged in three or four times between my intended update load time and the actual time I got it loaded. That no longer happens. It also means you get the plays even when you're on the move. It's a great system and a real convenience to our Season Customers.

          Season Service is $1500.00. You'll get every play in College and Pro Football. We often have Season Service specials, particularly before the season begins, so be sure to ask about them when you call or check the scrolling message on the home page of the website where they are almost always listed. Regardless when you sign up for Season Service or what special offer you might take advantage of, I want to make sure you understand one thing- you’ll get every play we put out- no exceptions- and the Late Money Updates are included. We’ll never come back to you with a special play that costs more money. No matter how special the play is, if you’re signed up for Season Service, you get the play. Season Service takes you all the way thru the Super Bowl, and it includes all the College Bowl games and Playoff Games.

             Premier Service is the second level of service we offer, and it's not for everyone. We don't have seven or eight different "Clubs" you can join- that is strictly a marketing ploy by some services and it's the way they play with their record- one of the "Clubs" is always doing better, and multiple club levels is a sure sign you're dealing with a dishonest service. Premier Service is $2500.00 per season. It is designed for the player who meets several requirements- they play considerably more per game than the average player, they have the self discipline to play very few games, they treat sports wagering more as a business than the average player who would like to be profitable, but treats it more as fun and entertainment, and they're willing to make themselves available and on call on game-days for last minute plays and betting opportunities. Premier Players have access to all the games, and I want to make this perfectly clear- players who sign up for normal Season Service get the same plays the Premier Players get, but Premier Players actually only play one or two games on a typical Saturday and one, possibly two, games on Sundays. Premier Players rarely play on weekdays. We used to limit the number of Premier Players we took because we spent so much time on the phone with them. New ways of communicating have eliminated the need to limit the number of players we accept. Several times during a football season, we'll get information five to ten minutes before kickoff that gives us an excellent betting opportunity. Most of this information comes from people who are extremely close to a team and it generally involves a key player who unexpectedly is, or is not, going to play that day. If you are a Premier Player, we will call or email or text you or do whatever we have agreed to do when you sign up, to get in touch with you during that very small window of opportunity so that you can get the play in. It takes a lot of dedication, discipline and availability to be a Premier Player. That's why it's not for everybody.

         Personal Service is the third and final level of service we offer and I take only three Personal Service Customers per year. You're welcome to call me at 901-461-4600 for complete information on Personal Service.

        We put out Regular Plays, Double Plays, Triple Plays, and normally, our highest rated play is a Five Star Play. Unless we specifically tell you otherwise, we want you to play every play as a Regular Play. Whatís a Regular Play? Thatís up to you. If youíre a $100 player- if you normally play $100 on a game- thatís your Regular Play. Weíll always tell you what the rating is on every play we put out, but if you ever have a question, either call the office, or play your regular amount. If we identify a play as a Double Play, we want you to play twice your regular amount on it. Three times your regular amount on Triple Plays, and FIVE TIMES your regular amount on Five Star Plays. Normally, that's as high as we go on rating the plays. Part of good money management is making sure you don't win 4 out of 5 games and lose money! We always have very good reasons for our higher rated plays and sometimes, 12 - 14 times per season, we'll have a play that rates out much higher than a Five Star. For many years, we simply put those plays out as Five Star Plays, but after charting the ATS record of those games and talking to several customers, we decided to add Ten Star Plays to our card. We've put them out for seven seasons now and going into last season, we were an incredible 54 - 23 ATS (70%) on Ten Star Plays. Last year was our first losing season on Ten Star Plays as we went 10-11 ATS, putting us at 64-34 over seven years. One of the most important things I could ever hope to teach you is to NEVER let anyone talk you into playing more on a game than you are comfortable playing, regardless of how the play might be rated. The "34" on the end of our Ten Star record tells you we lost 34 of those games! Always play in your own personal comfort zone. If you ever have any questions on how you should be playing, don't hesitate to call me. HOW you play is just as important as WHICH GAMES you play. We also use our Late Money Update information to adjust our card during the day- another great reason to use them. Let’s say we put out a play on our card and then find out that the public is on the same side we’re on. Since we don’t want to be on the same side the public is on, we may drop that play from our card. On the other hand, if we put out a play on our card, and then find out the public is on the other side 6 or 7 to 1, we may make that play a Double or Triple Play or higher. It all works together, and that’s what makes us so successful.

Plays are loaded at 7:00AM on Saturdays, 9:00AM on Sundays, and 12:00 noon on weekdays when there is a game. When you log in to get your original plays each day, we’ll also tell you when the Late Money Updates will be loaded. That’s about it for Season Service. If you have any questions, or if you need additional information, please give me a call at 901-683-1500, 1-800-933-5308, or my cell phone at 901-461-4600 and I’ll be glad to help.