We've Won Our Share- And There's More To Come!

For the 2004 / 2005 Football Season, We won both the College and Pro divisions in the Offshore World Handicapping Challenge by doing something that has never been done by a legitimate Service- We simply blew away the competition hitting 71.3% ATS in College, 69.3% ATS in the Pros for a combined 70.5% overall win rate.

In 2005, the final season for the Stardust, We won the NFL Invitational hitting 63.3% ATS overall for the season and 69.4% ATS on The Play Of The Week selection.

2006 wasn't one of my best seasons as we hit 62.4% in the Pros, but I was good enough on a weekly basis to win the Match Play Shootout, a single elimination, head to head competition against some of the best handicappers in the country!

In 2008, it was easy pickins in the Offshore Hoops Invitational as we hit a rock-solid 68.6% ATS combined in College and Pro Basketball. Nobody else came close!