All-Star Sports Comp Lines

For Years, All-Star Sports had comp lines in 24 cities across the U.S. Every day we would update the message on the comp line with handicapping tips and advice. We told you what our record was for the day before, win, lose or draw, and we told you what’s on our 900 lines each day. Then, the company we had the voice mail service with in each of our cities decided to TRIPLE the charges for each one and we decided not to go along with the increase. 

We still update our Memphis comp line each game day. It's part of our own phone system that has over 40 lines, so you can get thru with little or no trouble. The Comp line update is also available right here every day on the "net", just click on "COMP LINE UPDATE" and you're there. The fact that very few people don't have access to the website is another reason we decided to eliminate the comp lines in all the cities. Like any business, we have to control our costs or we have to pass rising costs on to our customers. 

You’ll notice a big difference between our comp lines and most others, no yelling, no outlandish claims and no lying about our record. All you have to do is call or log on and judge for yourself. 

Memphis, TN      901-682-7077